Category:Pages where template include size is exceeded

This category is populated automatically by the MediaWiki software, its name being at MediaWiki:Post-expand-template-inclusion-category. It contains pages which exceed one of the template limits, other than the limits on expensive parser functions and template argument size. These pages should be simplified by removing or simplifying calls to templates, or they will not render properly. Note that non-rendered expansions still count towards the limit. See Help:Template#Template limits. This category is sorted by page name and ignores the namespace. This search only displays articles in the category (may include recently removed articles).

Maintenance / clearing pages from this category

Some pages should be cleared with care:

  • Talk page archives should be carefully split into smaller pages, and links to the respective archive should be adapted to clearly indicate where the information is now (as they may serve as evidence which is otherwise lost)
  • The pages that are generated by COIBot (Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/<domainname> and Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/Local/<domainname>) can be removed from this category by blanking the 'Additions' section and replacing them with a message that recorded additions can be found in older revids of the page. Note that COIBot may regenerate the pages and repopulate the additions section.

Other pages need to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Obviously anyone has to be nice and careful. But, in any case, the best person to maintain a page... is the owner of the page, or the owner of the bot that created the page. When someone else has to do the job instead of the owner, the said owner can simply revert and do the job by herself when she is not satisfied by the result.

API calls that return xml formatted lists

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